Get involved

Get involved

There are number of ways to become involved. You might wish to be involved as a user. Or a developer. Or a SharedSDS Foundation push-start sponsor. This is how:

Become a SharedSDS partner

Project strategy extends beyond all our lifetimes. We are now looking for one or more equal partners to join the SharedSDS team. Get in touch. Help build a very profitable enterprise with a 100 year business plan.

Join one or more of the mailing lists

Register your company as a SharedSDS user

  • Contact us by email or phone and obtain login credentials (we need your name, email and company name)
  • See the user docs after a walkthrough either self-administered or hand-held
  • Start using SharedSDS

Become a SharedSDS Foundation member

  • Join the Foundation as a Member (you have an interest in regulatory harmonisation?)
  • Volunteer for best-practice SIGs (special interest groups) in your area(s) of expertise or concern
  • Vote to prioritise the development backlog
  • As tickets approach the head of the backlog and start to gain specific detail, review them for best practice suitability in your area of expertise. Add SIG comments to tickets as appropriate.

Become a push-start sponsor

  • Allocate time for a personal walkthough of the business plan
  • Contribute as appropriate - sponsorship and/or expertise
  • Stay strategically involved

Become a SharedSDS developer

  • Download the code from the repository
  • Allocate time for a personal walkthrough
  • Join the developers mailing list
  • Sign a CLA (individual or corporate Contributor License Agreement)
  • Look for and contribute easy pickings (code or documentation) in the backlog
  • Look for the more challenging tickets at the top of the prioritised backlog