Mike Dewhirst Mike Dewhirst is founder and currently the primary software developer of the SharedSDS project. He has been Managing Director of his own company since 1986. He has more than three decades experience with safety data sheets and supporting chemical incident emergency response sector with Chemdata information services. Mike drives SharedSDS design towards improving workplace health, safety and incident response outcomes. He is currently seeking equal co-founders to help convert the project into a global business.
 Board  Five directors minimum, three of whom must be Australian residents. Mike Dewhirst will be the initial Managing Director and Bill Birch non-executive Director with a focus on New Zealand region. More directors will be appointed to a maximum of nine to represent investors, sponsors and non-English speaking target markets. Bill Birch (NZ) will be our first independent director. His chemical industry network and experience over more than half a century is exceptional. He is a widely experienced independent company director and has shown great leadership and encouragement since the beginning of the project
Progression Group Nicholas Zoch is advisor to the SharedSDS Board on business reporting, management accounting, remuneration and tax matters. Nicholas has almost three decades of business experience and is very well respected as a leader in his field. He has led his own mid-tier practice as Managing Director for more than a decade. Williams Solicitors Dr Mark Williams is SharedSDS General Counsel. Over three decades he has held key legal roles in leading Australian government, academic and commercial enterprises in research and in the development and commercialisation of the internet, the domain system, information networks, software and data.
Jeff Simpson Jeff Simpson is a scientist with extensive operational experience over many decades in the industry and as an independent chemistry and regulatory affairs consultant. Jeff contributed data sharing design imperatives which translate directly to our corporate vision. He is a SharedSDS user and provides significant leadership on our Industry Panel. Adrian Thomas is an entrepreneurial scientist with extensive manufacturing, sales and marketing experience in Australia and Europe. Adrian is a SharedSDS user and has contributed scientific algorithms to the software. He brings to the team and the Industry Panel a strong technical focus on chemistry and chemical hazards.
Rg Chemical Safety Richard Greenwood is a scientist and well respected chemistry and regulatory affairs consultant throughout Australia. He is in constant demand for his training services. Richard is a SharedSDS user and leading member of our Industry Panel. His expertise is very important in driving our compliance with regulatory frameworks. Dr James (Jamie) Chamberlain is a scientist, mathematician and research biostatistician in cancer and mental health. He has startup experience and has worked on diverse projects including analysing mechanical properties of tailings slurries and coal seam methane drainage. Jamie developed curve fitting algorithms for SharedSDS and will lead our data analysis and machine learning (AI) projects in future.
Graeme Nightingale has been a technology entrepreneur and ISP for many decades. He provides secure and reliable cloud infrastructure for SharedSDS in production as well as bringing internet and networking skills and leadership to the team. He has years of corporate experience as an independent director.