Data inheritance

Data inheritance

All substance data in SharedSDS belongs to the company which authored it.

There are different ways to treat that substance data depending on the owner's objectives:

  • Private - even secret - data which is not available without a company authorised login. This is the default.
  • Restricted data can be made available (not editable) to selected licensees for their use - for a fee or no charge
  • Individual substance data can be made available to everyone at a fee - either visibly or invisibly*

It will be important to understand the industry dynamics here. SharedSDS will always default to substance data being private. Beyond that it remains to be seen how it gets used. But ...

There are lots of people who need access to data they can trust so they can write decent SDSs. Which is what we are all about. 

* Visibly means the data can viewed read-only just like restricted data. Invisibly means only the substance identifier can be seen. The data items cannot be seen. Obviously, when mixtures are formed and ingredient comments are copied to the mixture for user-editing some of the invisible data becomes visible - but no more than would be visible in the SDS.

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