More about data

More about data

My previous post about three types of data came to a neat conclusion this week when a user, Steve, a consultant who writes SDSs for client companies, described his data needs.

Essentially, he wants his own data under his own company to be shared with his clients. It turns out that for the foreseeable future his clients won't be using SharedSDS software. They make chemical products and hire a consultant (Steve) to manage their substance classification and SDS authoring.

Well, that was a sharing scenario I hadn't considered during SharedSDS design. The original design only contemplated sharing SDSs. Afterwards, a prospective user pointed out that getting data, particularly good data, is the central problem in classifying substances. Taking that as plainly obvious (as soon as he said so), I tweaked the design slightly to permit a company to share its data with other companies. I also added an ability to fetch data from public databases but that is another story.

Getting back to Steve, while I hadn't considered his consulting scenario it did in fact fit neatly into the new capabilities of the software.

Data can now be shared between specific companies - either for a fee (when we write the billing interface) or at no charge. This lets Steve keep his own substances in the SharedSDS database and use them as ingredients for all his clients various mixtures.

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