Stop calling them terrorists

Stop calling them terrorists

Religious idiots

A terrorist label says they have achieved success before they even push the button! We need a name for them which says exactly what they are - not what their objective is!

Lunatics. Gullible fools. Blind fools. Religious morons. Religious idiots.

ISIS wedge strategy

The ISIS strategy, lifted directly from Wahhabist Al-Qaeda, is to provoke hatred between non-muslims and muslims. Step one was to get the attention of the world. That was 9/11. Step 2 was to provoke war. That was Afghanistan. George W Bush started the second Iraq war for some reason. That was a bonus war. Step 3 is to take the war to the west via radicalised youngsters and criminals with nothing to lose strapping on a suicide vest.

ISIS believe step 3 will eventually wedge all muslims in the west leaving them nowhere else to go but into a world-wide caliphate. Don't even think about Step 4.

Wahhabist precepts are a thousand years old but its power base and 200 year strategic partnership is with Saudi Arabia. The house of Saud wants to "purify" all Sunni moslems first and then all Islam. That is why it funds so many Islamic centres and schools around the world. Wahhabism and Salafism is extreme Islam concocted to control its adherents.

ISIS is hooked on the idea of a caliphate achieved by Step 3 violence and adopts Wahhabism as a shield and pretext for recruiting young radicals. 

ISIS believes the time has come to wedge muslims and non-moslems apart.


ISIS success is assured by the ready supply of Geert Wilders, Donald Trumps, Marine le Pens and Pauline Hansons of this world. They and others like them are actively driving a wedge between Islam and the rest of us. Such politicians are collaborating in the ISIS wedge strategy. Collaborating with the enemy is treason. This is treason.

Muslims are part of society. Society everywhere will collapse if such a caliphate successfully claims them. We are in a war and most muslims are on our side. And the collaborators are doing their bit for the enemy.

Parents and Journalists

The real task of parents everywhere is to educate their young. To teach their children to beware of moronic violence.

In the case of muslim parents, defending against sensationalist journalists and politicians at the same time makes that real task emotionally and intellectually impossible. 

Journalists are educated people. They should be able to figure out what is happening and report accordingly. There is no "two sides" of the story. Journalists should undertake self-education so they become qualified to comment. And then they should provide ammunition for muslim parents to use in combating anger-fuelled radicalising forces.

Journalists who sensationalise and support the nonsense of those treasonous politicians are collaborators. Treason may be too harsh a judgement. But they are certainly stupid collaborators. Just as stupid and gullible as those young religious idiots looking for paradise.


ISIS gets young people before wisdom seeps in. Who believes there are seventy virgins waiting for martyrs in paradise? Only those with raging hormones.


The strategy to finally wipe out ISIS must target teenagers.

We can assume most Salafist teenagers who adopt ISIS would prefer to be known as terrorists rather than gullible religious morons.

The bell curve

There is undoubtedly a statistical bell curve which describes the hormone levels of any population of young people. Parents in my (non-muslim) experience seem to occasionally trigger a bit of rebellion in their hormonal offspring anyway.

Blurtings of Wilders, Trump, le Pen, Hanson and others generate righteous anger in 99.9% of muslims because they are completely innocent of all such extremist charges.

Now consider angry youngsters who hear about a way to fight back and suddenly that bell curve widens and those hormones deliver a lot more recruits for ISIS.

To be or not to be?

That is the question all responsible journalists and politicians must ask themselves.

Will ISIS be able to recruit their next generation of martyrs when they are seen world-wide as religious idiots?

That’s what’s in a name.

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