Foundation vision

  • Workplace occupational health and safety 
  • Genuine global regulatory harmonisation
  • Universal use of SharedSDS

If a safety data sheet needs to be different in different jurisdictions there is something wrong.

How can the same substance have different hazards in different places? This is a drag on workplace safety and international trade.

How can under-privileged and under-informed workers protect themselves when they are desperate for work in emerging economies? Answers to these questions are central to the SharedSDS vision and the Foundation is here to support SharedSDS.

Safety data sheets however are just the visible regulated facade of chemical safety. More important by far is maintenance and nurturing of real chemical expertise in the chemical industry. This means putting a premium on operational chemical experience and decades of knowledge to encourage ongoing involvement by universities and colleges. It means appointing experienced chemical engineers to the top executive and board positions to encourage graduates.

Investors and chemical industry employees are entitled to know their money and their lives are in safe hands. This is beyond regulatory harmonisation but it is certainly critical to chemical safety in both workplace and environment.

Foundation objectives

  • Support the SharedSDS user community
  • Protect the long term viability of SharedSDS as an open source development
  • Fund ongoing SharedSDS software development toward the SharedSDS vision
  • Contribute to global regulatory harmonisation:
    • Maintain a Harmonisation Council to advise the Foundation
    • Maintain liaison with regional industry groups
    • Assist jurisdictions to develop standardised APIs to publish authoritative information
    • Generate website reports on demand listing jurisdictional differences from the GHS
    • Publish a contributed Code-of-Practice database for industry at no charge
  • Support chemical industry approaches to improving workplace and environmental safety

SharedSDS Foundation context

SharedSDS overview

SharedSDS Foundation will not lobby regulators directly. Arrows on the right of the above diagram simplify the relationship which will in fact be with existing industry associations and other lobby groups who already interact with regulators. See the role of the Harmonisation Council.

Harmonisation Council

The Harmonisation Council is appointed by the Board of the Foundation to advise and develop strategy aimed at global regulatory harmonisation. Special Interest Groups (SIG) will be recruited to develop business cases to support industry associations lobbying for targeted (rather than wholesale) regulatory harmonisation.


The SharedSDS Foundation will be an autonomous division of a public limited company to be called SharedSDS Limited. Certain steps leading to incorporation cannot be taken out-of-sequence. Until incorporated, Climate Pty Ltd (a private company registered in Melbourne) will host the Foundation and operate as described here.