SharedSDS Feature Summary


  • Substances and mixtures database - free and private to each company
  • Underlying substance data can be shared under license with  eg., formulators who need accuracy not normally seen in the SDS
  • Shared data is either readonly or invisible. Only you can change your data.
  • Automatic searches of external databases for each substance
  • Data notes for best practice substance documentation

Semi-automatic SDS

  • GHS classification for substances and mixtures with author override
  • Automatic insertion of hazards with their precautions with author override
  • Mixture hazard calculations based on proportions - permits "what if" substitutions
  • Flexibility for authors.

SDS self-configures for each jurisdiction

SDS structure

  • Different classification criteria in different jurisdictions
  • Regulations unique to a jurisdiction displayed only for that jurisdiction
  • UFI code generated automatically and automatically displayed in EU regions
  • Ad hoc phrases for any section may be tagged for one or all jurisdictions
  • Recommended uses may be tagged for one or all jurisdictions

SDSs shared via license

  • Resellers/importers/distributors licensed to rebadge SDSs with their own contact detail
  • Logos for rebadged SDSs under licensor control
  • Resellers/importers/cannot cannot change the core SDS

Division oriented

  • SDSs remain with their Division when it is bought or sold


  • Workplaces register themselves for free access to assemble lists of SDSs
  • SDSs are instantly updated throughout the entire distribution chain
  • Users (except anonymous) receive change notifications when required

Anonymous searches

  • Restricted search filters
  • Results are culled to just a few SDSs per search
  • Anonymous users cannot assemble lists of SDSs

Emergency services

  • Special licensed access for medical and emergency services and their scientist support services
  • The EU legislated requirement for tightened mixture ingredient proportion ranges for poison centres is supported in SharedSDS but only for internal company view and then only by members of a special permissions group assigned by the company admin.


Websites and software can never be credibly proclaimed hack-proof. However, we have chosen tools and frameworks for developing SharedSDS which are arguably state-of-the-art for attention to security by their respective developer communities. We are very conscious of security and happily stand on the shoulders of giants in the software world. It is our deliberate strategy to refrain from publicly revealing detail of our infrastructure. Please ask questions directly if you have an interest in such detail.


  • Free open source software supported at no charge
  • Being open source means it can never be withdrawn as unprofitable
  • Mutual aid support via user mailing list backed by SharedSDS developers
  • Supported over the long term by the SharedSDS Foundation
  • Development of new features at no charge if the user community needs them
  • Fee-for-service contracts to develop API interfaces to existing systems (larger companies)
  • Fee-for-service contracts for data transfer services (larger companies)
  • Free data transfer services for spreadsheet and consumer database users (smaller companies)