SharedSDS Feature Summary


  • Substance database - private to each company with options to share
  • Automatic searches of external databases for each substance
  • Underlying substance data can be licensed to other companies eg., formulators who need accuracy not normally seen in a SDS
  • Underlying substance data can be made visible to some or all authors 
  • Underlying substance data is not ordinarily available to distributors or workplaces

Semi-automatic SDS

  • GHS classification for substances and mixtures
  • Automatic insertion of hazards with their precautions
  • Mixture hazard calculations
  • Flexibility for authors.

SDS self-configures for each jurisdiction

  • Different classification criteria in different jurisdictions
  • Regulations unique to a jurisdiction displayed only for that jurisdiction
  • Ad hoc phrases for any section may be tagged for one or all jurisdictions
  • Recommended uses may be tagged for one or all jurisdictions

SDSs shared via license

  • Resellers/importers licensed to rebadge SDSs with their own logos and contact detail
  • Resellers/importers cannot change the core SDS

Division oriented

  • SDSs remain with their Division when it is bought or sold


  • Workplaces register themselves for free access to assemble lists of SDSs
  • SDSs are instantly updated throughout the entire distribution chain
  • Users (except anonymous) receive change notifications instantly when required

Anonymous searches

  • Restricted search filters
  • Results are culled to just a few SDSs per search
  • Anonymous users cannot assemble lists of SDSs

Emergency services

  • Special licensed access for medical and emergency services, their support services and Poison Centres


Websites and software can never be credibly proclaimed hack-proof. However, we have chosen tools and frameworks for developing SharedSDS which are arguably state-of-the-art for attention to security by their respective developer communities. We ourselves are very conscious of security and happily stand on the shoulders of giants in the open-source world. It is a deliberate strategy to refrain from publicly revealing detail of our infrastructure. Please ask questions if you have an interest in such detail.


  • Free open source software supported at no charge
  • Being open source means it can never be withdrawn as unprofitable
  • Mutual aid support via user mailing list backed by SharedSDS developers
  • Supported over the long term by the Shared SDS Foundation

Free API

  • Free licensed API for third party (secure) integration of external systems