Licensor shares SDSs with Licensee for a fee

Licensee agrees

1. Licensee agree that an annual fee per SDS set exclusively by SharedSDS will be payable by Licensee to SharedSDS in respect of SDSs shared by Licensor with Licensee

2. Shared SDSs are licensed by Licensor to Licensee "as is" with no assurance by Licensor of correctness or adequacy of any kind

3. Licensee agrees that shared SDSs used by Licensee are entirely at Licensee's risk and to the extent permitted by law Licensee agrees to hold both Licensor and SharedSDS harmless in any adverse event arising from such use

Licensor agrees

4. Licensor agrees to consider and keep under consideration until it becomes Licensor policy to undertake independent peer review of its SDSs for a target audience of reasonably competent workplace managers

Licensor and Licensee agree

5. Licensor and Licensee both agree to immediately notify SharedSDS in writing (via email) if either becomes aware of data inaccuracies discovered in SharedSDS whether or not such data belongs to the Licensor

6. Licensor and Licensee both agree to immediately notify each other and SharedSDS in writing (via email) if they become aware of shortcomings in software generated proposed hazard classifications including failure to account for differing regulatory requirements in various jurisdictions

7. Licensor and Licensee agree upon the logo to be used on Licensor SDSs shared with Licensee

8. Licensee agrees to replace the Licensor's contact detail with its own on shared SDSs

9. Licensee agrees that it will not make any of Licensor's SDSs available to any third party for use as that third party's SDS

Third parties

10. Licensor and Licensee both agree that their SDSs shared or otherwise are freely available for registered workplace consumers and anonymous searchers alike without fee.

11. Licensor and Licensee both agree that SharedSDS may provide search facilities which returns SDSs to anonymous searchers restricted to a maximum of ten SDSs per search.

12. Licensor and Licensee both agree that SharedSDS may provide a third party registered user of SharedSDS at no charge the facility to assemble their own lists of SDSs, one list per workplace, and which list may contain SDSs selected from any SDS provider in the system.