One-pager for SMEs

SharedSDS for SMEs 

You are a small chemical manufacturer who buys and/or makes ingredients and formulates product. You produce the SDS for each formulated product either in your own name or in the name of your client. You might have all the data nicely managed in a database or it might be in a spreadsheet or even a word processor. You might even hire a consultant to do that for you.

What is SharedSDS?

  • SharedSDS is a nicely managed database for your ingredients and mixtures.
  • You or your consultant enter and curate the data.
  • SharedSDS semi-automatically generates the SDS by applying GHS Purple Book classification formulae to your data.
  • You specify ingredients and proportions and it generates the SDS for that mixture 
  • You tweak the proportions and/or ingredients to make it safer and the generated SDS for the new product reflects that.

Why do I need SharedSDS?

  • Not because it is free but because you can use it to manage your data
  • Your distribution chain can "wrap" your content with their contact detail (under your control)
  • You control content which instantly flows through the distribution chain
  • You can notify all users on-line if there are changes
  • If you export product then SharedSDS auto-configures the SDS for different jurisdictions
  • If you curate your own data you can let others subscribe to it optionally for a small annual fee
  • If you need curated ingredient data you may be able to subscribe to it, probably for a small fee