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Mailing lists

  • users
    Mutual "how to" support for users including technical questions on GHS classification. This definitely includes arguing for or against what the software should do. And discussing jurisdictional or other real-world requirements. Developers hang out on this list to provide help when necessary.
  • devs
    For developers - and users - to discuss detailed specifications for creating or changing and testing features of the software.


  • Send an email to admin with "subscribe" in the subject line plus "users" or "devs".
  • To leave a list, do the same thing but use the word "unsubscribe".
  • The email address you use to send the email will be the one subscribed or unsubscribed.
  • You will be emailed to confirm your request in both cases.

List privacy

None of the lists is ever published, rented, loaned or shown to other parties.