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User documentation

Most of the documentation is on-screen directly beneath each data-entry field. It is written to support first-time users. It can be seen in screenshot images in these pages.

Target audience

You are a scientist and/or you administer SDSs for your company or for your client companies. Access rights fall into the following defined roles or permission groups ...

  • admin - non-scientist CEO delegate to add/change/delete company information and establish SDS sharing relationships with other companies
  • editor - non-scientist admin delegate who can change peripheral company information such as adding/changing addresses and phones
  • author - scientist role for an admin delegate. Can create/update substances and SDSs but cannot change company information. If you hire an external consultant to write SDSs they only need to be in the author group.
  • manager - is a CEO delegate who is equivalent to an admin but for workplace OH&S
  • consumer - is qualified to assemble and control workplace lists of SDSs

Where SharedSDS is used by a small chemical enterprise typically one person would need admin, editor and author permissions. Remember that these permission groups do exist and can be used to securely split responsibilities as the enterprise grows.  

Also ...

  • authority - scientist/regulatory roles appointed by SharedSDS to add/change/delete reference and jurisdictional data. If you are competent in these matters for your region, please volunteer.

User documentation contents

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