Admin role

admin role

  • admin group members may create and delete users in their company
  • admin members may assign/remove permission group (role) memberships
  • admin members may adjust all user profiles in their company

esosds role (emergency service organisation - SDS)

  • esosds context is EU legislated tight proportion ranges for mixture SDSs on behalf of poisons centres.
  • esosds has no permissions so when someone only in the esosds group logs in they will see nothing
  • esosds membership only effects the user's own company's own SDSs. It has no effect on shared SDSs
  • esosds members viewing a mixture SDS for a region within EU will see the tightened ranges
  • esosds members viewing the same SDS for a non-EU region will see the original proportion ranges

A company admin might create a "dummy" user for the esosds role so SDSs can be produced for EU poisons centres. Alternatively, any user may be given the esosds role on a temporary basis as required.

Roles for other groups are set out at

Induct a new user

At the main menu click the "Add user" link (only visible to admin), filling in detail in the user creation form, saving, assigning appropriate groups, saving the new user to the database and finally inform them how to login and initially what to do.

After creating a new user, inform the person concerned including the following:

  • Login location (URL) is
  • Login username is case sensitive
  • Send password via SMS or verbally (not email) for security reasons
  • Advise the user about which groups have been assigned in relation to their role(s)
  • Advise the person concerned that certain actions are necessary upon first login including
    • change the initial password to keep it secret
    • edit and correct (if necessary) full name, short name and email
    • enter cellphone number if they will be in the admin group
    • review default settings in their user profile
  • SharedSDS documentation is available via a Docs link on every SharedSDS screen

Add user

Click the Add new user link at the main menu or on the Users menu to reveal this screen ...

Add user

Save and continue editing

If we save a username of "mactavish" (case sensitive) with a confirmed password the system will create the new user and automatically make it a member of the same company as the admin user.

In addition it will be given membership of the "user" group. Other group assignments require admin action.

There are very few permissions associated with the user group. They allow self-editing of the user's own profile and readonly views of the company information but not that of other users.

Immediately upon clicking [Save and continue editing], the following screen appears ... at the bottom, the Hide/Show links have been clicked to reveal all new user defaults.

Add use initial


Please note that while the username is case-sensitive, during user creation a case-insensitive check is made to ensure the same username with a different case doesn't already exist.

Consider using the '@' symbol followed by the company name or common abbreviation of the company name; such as mactavish@mightyfert.

Such '@' usernames are good practice for temporary employees or sub-contractors. See Short name below.

Full name and Short name

It is not possible for all users to split their name into first and last names as is common in western society. In SharedSDS it is necessary for users to take responsibility for what they enter and accordingly they should define their own full and correct name.

In places - such as the welcome line on every page - the software saves space with a short name which the user should also define.

If the '@' symbol appears in the login username, SharedSDS will display that instead of the Short name to help users retain focus on which company they are logged into.