Mixture rules

A mixture is a substance like any other substance - except it has ingredients. Back on the Quick-start page you can see the Add another ingredient link near the top of the substance screenshot after Synonyms and Uses ...

  • Ingredients are pre-existing substances linked to the mixture substance 
  • Proportions must be exact and sum to 100%
  • If you don't also enter proportion ranges for each ingredient the exact proportions will be displayed in the SDS
  • The mixture defaults to receiving the chemical groups, exposure limits and target organ toxicity data from each ingredient. Each of those defaults can be changed on a per-ingredient basis.
  • Blank text* fields in the mixture will gain concatenated, labelled content copied from the ingredients**
  • If an ingredient changes, the mixture changes - and therefore a mixture with an effective SDS should be re-saved in order to regenerate the "next" SDS for the mixture and that new SDS then needs to be made effective.
  • If a field which is usually calculated on saving has an existing value it will generally not be re-calculated. Prevent calculation or re-calculation by entering your own values. Exceptions are
    • If a mixture value has been calculated by SharedSDS (ie., from ingredient properties) a "calculation" flag is set to trigger recalculation every time the mixture is saved. Hence, if you manually enter a mixture value you need to change the flag appropriately to prevent the system from adjusting your entry. 
    • Ozone depleting ingredient >= 0.1% always taints the mixture


* Text fields are resizeable on-screen and may contain as much text as desired. 

** It is very worthwhile having good ingredient data and generically worded ingredient info so it can be used in multiple mixtures