Quick finish

Publish the SDS

Auto-data got you going with Methyl Ethyl Ketone. Before we can finish we need to make some assumptions:


1. All Methyl Ethyl Ketone intrinsic properties of interest have been entered

2. A quick "sanity check" on the SDS screen indicates focus should move from substance data entry to the finer points of authoring the SDS.

Finishing off the SDS - theory of operation

Step 1. Check the Quality tag: field at the top of the SDS screen and resolve any obvious discrepancies

Step 2. Add standard or unique phrases to the SDS as required. 

Step 3. Submit the SDS to your own in-house release protocols and processes such as peer review

Step 4. Make the SDS effective by way of the controls revealed on the SDS screen (see Detail below)

Check the Quality tag

At the top of the SDS screen, resolve any obvious discrepancies

Sanity check - SDS Hazards, Precautions and Pictograms

Here is an example of a more or less complete set of Methyl Ethyl Ketone hazards, precautions and pictograms all of which were automatically added ... plus a couple of phrases which were added manually.

Make the SDS effective

Near the top of the SDS screen click Detail (Show) to reveal ...


Set the Effective date

Set the Effective date to whenever you want the SDS to become effective. When that date ticks over, this SDS will become effective and replace the previous SDS (if any) for Methyl Ethyl Ketone.