Current SDS

Rules for making the SDS current

  • There can only be one current SDS for a substance 
  • There can be many previously current SDSs linked nose to tail going back in history
  • Current and previous SDSs cannot be changed
  • There is (usually) one "next" SDS which is not yet effective or requires attention
  • There can never be more than one "next" SDS for a substance
  • If the substance changes and is saved, the "next" SDS is automatically created or updated
  • All incremental substance changes are reflected in the "next" SDS
  • The "next" SDS becomes current when:
    • All QA errors are eliminated
    • All hazards have been tagged as 'confirmed'
    • The author inserts a date for it to become effective
    • The effective date (which can be set in the future) is today or older than today
    • It replaces the current SDS
  • The current SDS can have an expiry date but that is cosmetic only
  • The current SDS cannot be withdrawn until it is replaced
  • The replaced SDS gets an automatic withdrawn date when it is replaced
  • The replaced SDS gets linked (in history) with the new current SDS