SharedSDS is free open source software and permits sharing at no cost. We prefer however that you choose to generate revenue so we can continue to improve SharedSDS for all.

An essential part of the SharedSDS vision is improving data quality and SDS quality worldwide through greater visibility. If others are subscribing to your data or SDSs there is also - for you - a vested interest in quality.


You curate your substance data. If you decide to share it with other users SharedSDS can collect a small annual fee from each user per substance and split it with you. They can then use your substance data in their mixtures. The point of payment is when the substance is first added as an ingredient. They might even buy your product!

Safety data sheets

If you distribute your product via multiple distributors you can license each of them to wrap your core SDS with their contact detail in their jurisdictions. If you decide to charge them SharedSDS can collect a fee (per wrapper per distributor) and split it with you.


Substance data sharing and SDS sharing are two ways for SharedSDS users to generate revenue from a traditionally revenue-negative and - more or less - difficult to control activity.


Ad hoc substance data sharing (Licensor)

Change the default Access status of a substance to Open data or Ingredient data and that will include it in Ingredient drop-down lists for all SharedSDS users.

When someone selects that substance as an ingredient in a mixture, a pop-up automatically collects their non-refundable payment pro-rata to 30 September next plus a full year subscription to the following 30 September. 

If a user wishes to stop using your data they must remove that substance from all their mixtures prior to the billing run on each 1 October. Otherwise they continue to subscribe to your excellently curated data.

Licensing conditions for sharing data are covered in everyone's Base Licensing agreement with SharedSDS.

Ad hoc substance data sharing (Licensee)

To use someone else's curated substance data in your mixtures, select the substance as an ingredient. The default is for the system to display such substances together with their supplier names. That visibility can be reversed via editing preferences in your user profile.

After selecting it, save your mixture and the payment gateway page will apprear. It will collect from one up to two full years subscription depending on the date it is first selected for one of your mixtures. That cost covers the first year pro-rata up to 30 September next plus a full year to the following 30 September. If we did not collect the extra year on initial subscription the pro-rata amount collected late in a year would not cover gateway flagfall costs and foreign exchange costs. 

Once subscribed, that substance may be used as an ingredient in as many mixtures as desired.

Subscription fees are quite low at USD $10 (or equivalent in your currency) per year and are shared with the licensor upon receipt. They cannot be refunded if you change your mind. To stop using shared substance data it must be removed from all your mixtures prior to the next billing run on each 1 October.

Customer-wide data sharing (Licensor)

Discuss with and agree that a particular company/licensee may share your substance data.

Crystallize that agreement by creating a relationship record in SharedSDS in the Company section. The relationship alternatives are data sharing for a fee or free. 

Scope can be all your company's products or those of one or more Divisions.

This mechanism lets a company independently share substance data no matter what various substance Access status settings might be. For example, if you share your data with a subsidiary company at no charge, that overrides any ad hoc paid sharing.

There are strong checks and balances to absolutely prevent unauthorised establishment by either party of such relationships. Sharing relationships control visibility of information within SharedSDS as well as revenue.

Customer-wide data sharing (Licensee)

For fee-based sharing, software for bulk payments has not been written. This awaits specific design input from companies wishing to bulk-bill and bulk-pay. This means no matter how many substances are involved, payment is collected only for those which appear in your mixtures. The mechanism is exactly the same as described above for ad hoc data sharing.

That's it for data sharing. Now for SharedSDS ...

Distributor-wide SDS sharing

The same "discuss and agree" principles apply to third parties wrapping each other's SDSs with contact information. As with shared data there are two licensing options - fee or free - and the scope is similarly company-wide or by Division.

The relationship is subject to the same strong checks and balances mentioned above.

Once a relationship is in place SDSs displayed for that destination jurisdiction and language will have the distributor's detail and agreed logo in each wrapper. 

There is one fee for each SDS + wrapper combination actually used. The fee is calculated as outlined above regarding pro-rata payment of the USD $10 (or equivalent in the distributor's currency) up to 30 September plus one full year to the following 30 September. 


  • Licensor is the originator of both data and SDS. Considered as Owner
  • Licensee is the user of the substance data or SDS content 
  • Base Licence covers the relationship between SharedSDS and all users. It is displayed in the Company section of SharedSDS in the Our distribution-chain relationships sub-section.
  • Relationship means a formally agreed licensed relationship between two SharedSDS users represented by license wording in a signed record visible to both parties in the same Our distribution-chain relationships sub-section.
  • Wrapper means jurisdictional and language SDS wrapper. The core SDS needs one wrapper per jurisdiction per language for each distributor. Contact details and logos can change as desired and agreed by Licensor and Licensee.
  • Free means no-one pays but sharing is still subject to licensing.
  • Fee means there is an annual subscription per substance or per SDS wrapper paid by the Licensee. One data fee is payable no matter how many of the Licensee's mixtures contain that substance.
  • Standard fee amount per year is USD $10.00 or the equivalent in other currencies. Those equivalents are the rolling three year average exchange rates set on 1 October each year.
  • Split means 50:50 (after gateway costs) between Licensor and SharedSDS. That equal split recognises Licensor content and SharedSDS platform.
  • Sharing reports for all users may be generated at any time but 1 October reports will be the basis of all annual subscription charges.
  • Divisions traded between companies will automatically take their substances (and SDSs) with them and will appear on Sharing reports as belonging to their new owners complete with revenue streams. SharedSDS will make no pro-rata adjustments and companies must take this into account when trading.
  • Annual full year subscription fees are due on 1 October each year. Card payers may elect to have the funds automatically paid. Other arrangements may be made. 
  • Non-payment of subscription charges will automatically prevent sharing until paid.
  • Subscription currency depends on the Licensee's headquarters region. GST or VAT is added to the fee if the licensor and licensee headquarters are in the same region.